What Is Cold Pressed Juice?

Raw Cold pressed juice is the ultimate when it comes to fresh pressed juice, educating the consumer is paramount when its comes to serving cold pressed juice and understanding why this premium juice is making big waves in the health circles.

1. Cold pressed juice is made by using specially designed machines (in our case we use the Norwalk) to crush plant cells to release nutrients slowly without heating or destroying the molecular structure of the cells maintaining optimum nutrition in the fresh produce.

2. Cold press juice is a lot smoother, richer in taste and pulp free.

3. Cold pressed juice retains 5 times more nutrients, minerals and vitamins than juice from a conventional centrifugal machine.

4. The slow process requires significantly more hand-crafted man hours to produce one single juice, this is down to the unique operation. Cold-pressed juice is made in two different stages. Stage one the world famous norwalk machine chews and breaks down the fruit/veg into a soft pulp, Stage Two the pulp is pressed by way of a cold solid plate vices, slowly squeezing the juices out of the pulp to leave the pulp bone dry and freshly extracted cold-pressed juice is born.

 5. This slow extraction sequence allows this cancels out oxidisation, this allows our juices to have a minimum shelf life of 5 days.

 6. Juice separation and foaming is kept to a minimum depending on ingredient.