What is Raw Food?

Some of our packages contain raw food be it raw food or raw desserts but what’s raw? For those unfamiliar with the concept, raw food is essentially unprocessed, plant-based food which is never heated above 42 degrees in order to preserve the nutrients, enzymes and flavour of the ingredients, which are entirely plant- based, vegan, gluten-free and free from refined sugars.

It is food as nature intended it to be. For example, our raw Mars bars are formed from a ‘nougat’ of soaked almonds and cashews, topped with a caramel made from dates and almond butter, and coated in raw chocolate- which is a combination of unprocessed cacao, cacao butter and agave syrup. The famously decadent treat is, as such, re-imagined to provide all the nutritional benefits of raw plant-based ingredients, but in a super-indulgent form!

Benefits reported by raw food aficionados include having more energy, better skin, losing weight and improved digestion. Beyond that, taking care of your body in the here and now could protect you from ill health in the future. A report published in Food Technology (2012) cited plant-based diets as effective in reducing a persons genetic propensity to developing chronic diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer.

In our Byres Road store we have a selection of amazing raw food treats on our new menu.

You can order any of our raw food straight to your door / office! Check it out: